Board of Directors


Be a Pocket Little League Board Member

If you’re interested in fulfilling your volunteer hours by serving on the Pocket Little League Board of Directors, please complete the Board Member Application and the Volunteer Application (or Returning Volunteer Application) and submit to Pocket Little League.

In efforts to make Pocket Little League the best that it can be, we ask you to send any suggestions or concerns to Pocket Little League.

2017-2018 Pocket Little League Board of Directors
President Freddy Saldana
Vice President Josh Nurmi
Treasurer Patty Nishikawa
Player Agent Javier Garcia
Registrar David Rodrigues
Secretary Debbie Watson
Umpire in Chief Jeff Crawford
Coach Coordinator Anthony Nguyen
Head Groundskeeper Jeff McKay
Asst. Groundskeeper Mark Reese
Equipment Coordinator Brandon Reid
Game/Practice/Event Scheduler Anthony Nguyen
Snack Shack Coordinator Nancy Pheng-Street
Snack Shack Scheduler Debbie Watson
Snack Shack Buyer Carlos Rodriguez
Special Events Coordinator
Sponsorship Coordinator Nancy Pheng-Street
Uniform Coordinator Josh Nurmi
Roster Book Stephanie Smith
Volunteer/Team Parent Coordinator Shree Walker McCormack
Webmaster David Rodrigues
Fall Ball Coordinator Freddy Saldana
Division Coordinator — Juniors
Division Coordinator — Majors Kevin Baena
Division Coordinator — AAA Carlos Rodriguez
Division Coordinator — AA Trevor Maddix
Division Coordinator — A Trevor Maddix
Division Coordinator — TBall Trevor Maddix
Board Member – Emeritus/Consultant Bob Wood