Player Uniforms and Equipment


Players in the Tball and A Minor division will be provided with a uniform cap and jersey.  Players must provide baseball pants, socks, belt and cleats.

Players in the AA Minor division and higher will be provided with a uniform cap, jersey, socks, and belt.  Players must provide baseball pants, protective cup and cleats. Players will be provided with an official Little League shirt patch which must be sewn to the left sleeve of the shirt prior to the first game.

Team managers will notify players of the correct color of baseball pants to complete their uniform.

Players who arrive at games out of uniform will not be allowed to play.

Team managers and coaches will indicate their preferences for proper attire to be worn for team practices.

Gloves, Bats and Helmets

Players must provide their own fielders glove, of a type and size consistent with their age and physical size. Batting helmets, bats, balls and catcher protective gear are all provided by the team.

Players may use their own bats and helmets as long as they are Little League approved gear. Umpires will inspect bats and helmets before games and will disallow any equipment that does not follow Little League guidelines.

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