General Questions

Does my child need to know the rules before playing?
For those playing in the T-ball, Minor A and Minor AA divisions, the coaches will help the players understand the rules. As players move up to the Minor AAA and Majors divisions, they will be expected to know the rules, though coaches are continuously going over rules in practices and games regardless of the divisions.
What are some good resources if I’d like to help my child get a head start?

Here’s a link to backyard tips on the Little League Baseball website with great resources for parents and coaches.

My child played 1 year of T-ball; when are they ready for Minor A?

If your child is eligible to play an additional year of T-ball, registering in the Minor A division in Fall Ball is a good way to gauge whether or not your child could use another season of T-ball. Fall Ball provides great instruction for players to play up in a division without too much pressure of not being as prepared as players returning to the same division.

Does my child need to be able to hit a coach-pitch baseball in order to play in the Minor A division?

No. Players will learn how to hit a coach-pitch ball in Minor A.

If my child met Pocket Little League boundary requirements by school or residence the previous season but now attends a school outside of the boundary or moved outside of the boundary, can my child still play in Pocket Little League?

Click here for information about why Little League boundaries are important and what the rules are.

There are Little League waivers that will allow players to continue playing in Pocket Little League. Please click here for more information.

Please email [email protected] to request a waiver.

Registration Questions

What months do Spring and Fall season start and when does registration usually come out?
The Spring season begins in March and ends in June. Registration begins in November. The Fall season begins in September and ends in October. Registration begins in July.
If my child is close to the cutoff age, can exceptions be made?

Here’s a link to the 2023 Little League Age Chart for baseball.

Please email [email protected] with specifics about your child.

Can my child still register after the registration period has closed?

If registration has closed and there are no waiting lists for the division you are trying to register your child in, please email [email protected]

How do I request to be on the same team as another player or coach?

When you register your child, you will have an opportunity to request to be on the same team as another player and/or coach. We will try to accommodate all requests for the T-ball and Minor A divisions only but there is no guarantee that the league will be able accommodate all requests.

Players in our Minor AA, Minor AAA and Majors divisions are drafted.

If you have already completed registration, please email [email protected] with your requested player(s) and/or coach.

How can I request financial assistance for the registration fee or volunteer fee?

T-Mobile has partnered with Little League to offer grants. Click here to apply for a grant.

Pocket Little League offers payment plans and reduced or deferred payments for families who need assistance with registration. Please fill out this Financial Assistance Request Form and send via email to [email protected].

Equipment and Uniform Questions

What do I need to provide for my child and what is provided by the league?

The league provides the following:

  • uniform cap
  • jersey
  • socks
  • belt

For each team, the league provides the following:

  • helmet*
  • balls
  • bat* (only bats with the “USA Baseball” logo on it are allowed)
  • catcher’s gear**

Families need to purchase the following:

  • fielding glove
  • batting glove (optional)
  • game and practice pants
  • cleats

*Though the league provides a helmet and bat for the team, we highly recommend that families purchase these on their own.

**For players in the Minor AAA or Majors divisions, we recommend purchasing their own set of catcher’s gear if the player has a desire to play this position on a regular basis.

What size bat and fielding glove should I purchase for my child?

Click here for information from Dick’s Sporting Goods on how to choose a baseball bat. Only bats with the “USA Baseball” logo on it are allowed.

Click here for the Baseball Glove Buying Guide from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What types of cleats should I buy?
Click here to learn how to buy the right baseball cleats. If your child already has soccer cleats, those can be worn to play baseball. Shoes with metal cleats are not allowed.
Where can I purchase equipment?
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods* 
  • Big-5
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Bases Loaded
  • Amazon
  • Second-hand stores, including Once Upon a Child and Facebook Marketplace

*If you missed out on the in-store event from January 13th – 16th, be on the lookout for another 20% off in-store coupon in early February.

We will be holding an equipment and gear swap on January 21 from 9AM to 4PM and January 22 from 9AM to noon. There will be a table outside of the Snack Shack for you to bring new or gently used equipment to donate and/or “shop” around for some “new to you” gear for the upcoming season. You do not need to bring any gear to shop around. This is a great way to share and pass on gloves, pants, belts, helmets, bats, etc. to our community.

How do I know what color baseball pants to buy?

The manager of your team will inform families which color baseball pants to purchase for games. For practice, any color baseball pants will do.

Who will hand out the uniforms and when are they received?

Your team manager is responsible for handing out uniforms only after each player’s family has given the manager their volunteer deposit.

Questions About the Season

How long before the season starts should we hear from our manager?

For the Spring season, families should receive an email from their team manager in late January/early February.

For the Fall season, families should receive an email from their team manager towards the end of August.

When do the game schedules get released?

Game schedules are typically released by the end of February or early March. Opening Day this season is on Saturday, March 18.

How many weeks of practices are there before games start?

Teams typically practice for 4-6 weeks before Opening Day.

How many practices a week are there and will that change when games start?

Teams typically practice 2-3 times a week before Opening Day. Once games start, teams may practice 1-2 times a week or not at all, depending on the team.

For the first scrimmage, what should my child wear?

Treat the first scrimmage (if your manager chooses to have one), like a practice. However, the manager may choose to have their team wear a specific colored t-shirt to make it easier to distinguish players on both teams.

Does my child need to wear their cleats and baseball clothes to practice?

For the most part, yes. However, if teams choose to hold occasional practices on the blacktop of a school campus, the manager will ask players to wear athletic shoes.

Where are practices held?

Practices are held at parks within the league boundaries such as Richard Marriott Park, Lewis Park and Frank Seymour Park and at Bill Conlin Sports Complex, where all the games are played. Your team manager will provide more details.

What happens if it’s raining on a practice day or game day?

Your manager will inform you via email or text if a practice or game is canceled.

At what temperature and air quality rating will/should games and practices be canceled?

Health and safety is of utmost importance to the league so if the air quality is unhealthy or if the temperature is well above 100 degrees, the league may choose to cancel practices and games.

How long are the games in each division?
  • T-ball: 1 hour
  • Minor A: 1 hour
  • Minor AA: 1.5 hours
  • Minor AAA*: 6 innings, approximately 2 hours, or if there is not enough daylight
  • Majors*: 6 innings, approximately 2 hours, or if there is not enough daylight.

*The game ends if one team is leading by 15 runs or more after 3 innings or 10 runs or more after 4 innings.