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Board of Directors

Be a Pocket Little League Board Member

If you’re interested in fulfilling your volunteer hours by serving on the Pocket Little League Board of Directors, please complete the Board Member Application and the Volunteer Application and submit to Pocket Little League.

In efforts to make Pocket Little League the best that it can be, we ask you to send any suggestions or concerns to Pocket Little League.

2023-2024 Pocket Little League Board of Directors

President, Scheduler, Fall Ball Coordinator Katie Cleary
Vice President Marc Keller
Vice President Tracy Knighton
Umpire in Chief – Jr Ump Bob Wood
Treasurer Alexis Barone/Dustin Puriton
Safety Officer/Secretary/A Division Coordinator Kibbe Day
Uniform Coordinator Mike Freeman
Head Groundskeeper Vacant
Assistant Groundskeeper Vacant
Player Agent Jamie Von Sossan
Team Parent/Volunteer Coordinator Renee Sevilla
Equipment Manager Marc Keller
Snack Scheduler/Coordinator Erika Grijalva
Special Events Coordinator Tracy Knighton
Webmaster Tracy Knighton
Juniors Coordinator Jeff Chapman
Sponsorship Coordinator Mike Lee
Publicist/Social Media Manager Chris Kisela
Roster Book Coordinator Chris Kisela
Registrar Donnie Minor
A Division Coordinator Kibbe Day
Tball/AA Division Coordinator Mike Lim
AAA Division Coordinator Marc Keller
Major Division Coordinator Dave Wiseman


Board Meeting Minutes



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