Volunteer FAQs

How many volunteer hours are families required to fulfill to receive the $150 volunteer deposit back?
Families are required to work 8 hours PLUS one snack shack shift. Snack shack shifts cannot be counted twice. For example if a family completed 8 hours by working in the snack shack, they still need to work the PLUS one snack shack shift to complete their volunteer commitment.
Who can work snack shack shifts?
Anyone over the age of 16 can work in the snack shack, however, there cannot be more than 2 people under the age of 18 working in the snack shack at any one time. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the snack shack at any time.
I am not able to work all of my volunteer hours myself, are there other options?
Yes! Anyone can work volunteer hours for your family- grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, family friends, neighbors. If you do enlist the help of family and friends be sure that they list your child’s name and team when putting in hours so that credit is granted to the correct child.
How can I fulfill my volunteer hours?
There are many options to fulfill your volunteer commitment: team parent, pre-season field prep days, field prep and clean up, umpiring, pitch count, score keeping, snack shack shifts, tournament assistance, PLL Dinner, sponsorship, family fun day, Board of Directors, coaching, etc.
I am not sure how many hours I have worked, who can help me with that?
It is each families responsibility to report any hours worked (activity, day and time/hours worked) to their Team Parent. The Team Parent is responsible to tracking all hours and submitting them to the Team Parent Coordinator at the end of the season.
Do we need umpires for T-Ball and Single A?
No, there are no volunteer umpires at this level. Per PLL Bylaws the coach behind home plate is to act as the umpire for this level.
I volunteered to do field-prep/clean-up for my team how many hours do I get credit for and what do I have to do?
Each of the field activities satisfy 4 volunteer hours- 4 for the field-prep family and 4 for the field clean-up family. If you volunteered for field-prep you prep the field for all home games and field clean-up is done by the visiting team. For a list of specific tasks please see your Team Parent.
I want to volunteer to umpire games what is required and what volunteer hours do I get credit for?
For the AA Division each team will need a parent volunteer umpire which will satisfy 8 volunteer hours, a snack shack shift is still required. It is optional, but strongly encouraged for the volunteers to attend the Umpire training clinic hosted by PLL.

Any other families interested in volunteering to umpire AAA games will need to attend the Umpire training clinic which you will receive 3 volunteer hours, and you will be awarded additional volunteer hours on a per-hour basis for each game you umpire during the season.